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Today morning I started last etx4 volume transformation to btrfs.
All Shared folders are already transferred from the volume. Done.
There is still last "mess" of 164kB in the volume and I need to know, that is it ok, when I will passed it away. Then a recommendation is wanted. Thx

the mess:
[email protected]_1813:/volume2# sudo du -h | sort -rh | head
164K .
44K ./@tmp
28K ./@tmp/@eaDir
20K ./@synologydrive
16K ./@synologydrive/@sync
16K ./lost+found
16K ./@download
8.0K ./@tmp/@SynoDrive
8.0K ./@tmp/@eaDir/Torrent.1568375062
8.0K ./@tmp/@eaDir/SC_Download.1568375386

Storage manager still sees 204,16MB in the volume (include previous 164kB). How to check it, if is it just by RAID1, or if there is something hidden.
Thx gents


Solved by myself:
1. Find the processes by running the "lsof" command on the volume:
lsof /volume2
.... nothing

2. to be sure also by exteded lsof:
lsof | grep volume2
.... nothing

so then I can umount the volume2:
umount /volume2/
done .... NAS is beeping :) and Storage Manager is informed me, that Volume 2 crashed. OK.

Remove Volume, then Create new Volume2 by existing Storage Pool, but with new FS: btrfs

if you have HotSpare disks, you don't need re-manage the spare disks, because there is still link between Storage pool (used for renewed Volume). Great.

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