Info VPN bypass vulnerability in Apple iOS

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Info VPN bypass vulnerability in Apple iOS

Looks to be some existing connections don't get reset and sent down the VPN tunnel, unless you're using a VPN service that reconnects after network change/interruption (e.g OpenVPN does and native iOS L2TP/IPsec doesn't). If your VPN client reconnects then setup the tunnel and toggle airplane mode off/on to force connections to restart.

Guessing this is in the scenario where you've opted to send al traffic down the tunnel: so split-tunnelling isn't affected as such since you're already sending only selected traffic down the tunnel.

Haven't had time to look any deeper.
Yes, not good at all for a company that prides itself on being very secure and a privacy advocate.
Would most of the new VPN remote access be using mobile devices or desktop/laptop? It's not good that's for sure. And I'd guess most connections won't use split-tunnelling, unless there's an on-device/cloud security product that protects direct access.

As for selling more tops than bottoms: video conferencing :p
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