VPN Proxy for Apple TV?

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VPN Proxy for Apple TV?

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I have been looking into getting a VPN proxy setup I can use with my Apple TV. Apparently my Synology box (or maybe my PI 400) could be a candidate for this task. So far a NordVPN Docker image sounds like it may be the way people are doing this. But the most recent discussion here is 2021, so I'm not sure what has changed in that time. The end game is simply to get access to content in other areas of the world. I don't need bittorrent or other such functions. I have a Ubiquity Dream Machine router, and apparently this thing can't connect to NordVPN despite having OpenVPN on board because they have limited password lengths to 15 characters. Also, it seems as though NordLynx is the better option than OpenVPN. Can anyone point me to a web page or offer any advise. This must be a really common need. It's interesting that an iPhone/iPad can support NordVPN directly, but apparently tvOS cannot. I'm actually not even sure that Nord is the best option, but it seems frequently discussed. I have the 2022 Apple TV 4K.
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I don't do this myself but looking at the DSM help for VPN setup then it seems that you can use the NAS as the local end of the VPN tunnel.
Tick any of the following checkboxes depending on your needs:
  • Use default gateway on remote network: Enable this option to route the network traffic of the Synology NAS to the specified VPN server.
  • Allow other network devices to connect through this Synology server's Internet connection: Enable this option to allow network devices that are within the same local network as your Synology NAS to connect to the same VPN server.
  • Reconnect when the VPN connection is lost: If the VPN connection is unexpectedly lost, the system will attempt to reestablish the connection five times, attempting once every 30 seconds.

My guess would be to:
  1. Disable the first option and setup specific static routes for the VPN to the destinations that you wish to tunnel to NordVPN, otherwise this setting will send everything Internet-bound to NordVPN.
  2. Enable the second option to enable the LAN devices to use the tunnel. You would configure the Apple TV's network gateway to be the NAS's LAN IP.
  3. Third option however you like.

Googling for "NordVPN Apple TV" I found they have help to setup this, though the Synology kit isn't listed in their guides the Raspberry Pi is.


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