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VPN Proxy?


When I read about the VPN Server, I got the wrong impression of what it was.

I have several equipment that use a paid vpn service with a connection for each. I'd like to have one single connection to the service and the other nodes would use that connection, as a proxy or dfg.
Is that possible with the DS220+?
I'd like to use it on the download station as well, and I can't find in the settings the configuration.

Thanks in advance
Is this what you are looking for?

BTW welcome to the forum.

I followed the instructions on the link and got it to work.
Haven't tested that it's really using the vpn or not, got to figure out how.
Also read that when the vpn connection fails, even if it's only for a moment, it will automatically connect to the non vpn connection. The post said, it fails frequently from the provider side.
Saw a work around by using the crontab to force the connection through the vpn, but haven't tested it as well.
Hope I can test this during the weekend and post here the results and the link to the work around.

I tried to follow this guide to do a cronjob to auto set the outgoing traffic through the vpn, but it seems I'm missing permissions:

The reconnection of VPN profile on Synology NAS has failed [Fixed on DSM5] | DerZyklop

when I try to do
touch /usr/openVPNreconnect
touch: cannot touch '/usr/openVPNreconnect': Permission denied

I'm using the user that has the highest permission I can access, which is a member of the administrator group, but the directory access is root:root
How can I get root access, or is there another way to do this?

Thanks, it works great

Only thing was, I had to replace
/usr/syno/sbin/synoservicectl --restart crond
systemctl restart crond.service

guess it uses systemctl now

I'm trying to use this connection to share to other devices that need vpn.
How does this work? do I have to activate the proxy server?

at the moment, each device connects directly to the vpn provider,
I'd like to have only this connection to serve as a proxy for all other devices, I can only have 5 tunnels
at the moment, each device connects directly to the vpn provider,
I'd like to have only this connection to serve as a proxy for all other devices, I can only have 5 tunnels
But you will "host" that vpn connection how? via container? Also, you mentioned "devices". Are those real HW devices or are you talking about other containers?

Asking just because just mentioned contianers, but if you are running your VPN via DSM (using the tutorial), then just configure your devices with a new gateway/router IP address. Change the IP value to your NAS IP address and those devices will talk to your NAS VPN active connection first, before hitting the Internet via a VPN tunnel.
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No, Raspberry PIs mostly and a minipc.

I made a test, using one of the media players that runs kodi on windows 10, configured the NAS Ethernet address on that network as the dgw, but it can't reach the internet.
It looks, that kodi on windows uses the system dgw, but I can configure a proxy server, which I did. But the connection got refused. As I never configured a proxy server, I'm probably missing some basic concept.

Searched for a tutorial on how to configure in DSM 7, but all I could find was reverse proxy.

That's why I'm asking for help

I added a rule to the firewall to set the nas ip as trusted, so now it connects to the internet.
But it's going through the ISP and not the VPN

probably have to add a static route.
Found a workaround.

I have installed a torrent download client, with docker, that can connect through a built in vpn and can share that connection in a specified port:

GitHub - binhex/arch-delugevpn: Docker build script for Arch Linux base with Deluge, Privoxy and OpenVPN

I used this page to learn how to configure it

Setting up Deluge on Synology using Docker

Don't forget to configure the download folder on the volume setting of docker so the container can see it and give the proper permissions on the folder to the user of docker (had some trouble with that).

It uses the built in openvpn client to connect to vpn service provider and you can share it in a configurable port with privoxy, also built in, you have to enable it. By default, it uses the 8118 port and can serve as a proxy to other devices.

Hope it helps

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