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VPN toggle from dashboard

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I use NordVPN but frankly it's annoying to have to go to Control Panel/Network/Network Interface and enable VPN when I want. Sure I can leave it running all the time but I don't want it on all the time. Is anyone aware if there's a way to add a VPN toggle switch to the dashboard to easily enable/disable VPN?
Yeah I know you can add any package app and pin to taskbar. But thats not what i'm looking for. Something like that but specifically to toggle VPN connection on/off is what I'm looking for.
I saw what you asked and, in case you don't find a better answer, you can save yourself one mouse click in your current sequence...
Yeah I know you can add any package app and pin to taskbar
What I said was Control Panel's home page icons, not package icons from the main menu.

Ah sorry I misunderstood. This I did not know about. It is helpful so thank you for the tip!

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