DSM 7.0 VS wont stop at end of movie

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DSM 7.0 VS wont stop at end of movie

ds416j ds214 play
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how do i make the player stop after each movie
thanks fred
I will start a movie before i go to bed. I fall asleep and the next morning I wake up and it still playing a movie. it looks like it just keeps playing the next movie in line.
i would like it to stop then my tv will go to sleep
I use the Dos app on applets
You're going to have to provide more detail here because you said you are using Video Station / DS video. Are you sure you're using Video Station or are you instead accessing the NAS via DLNA/UPnP or SMB network share?
I'm sorry i don't know what i was typing ???
I am using the apple tv app from synology looks like a red film strip.
thanks fred

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