Info Wake up (WOL) another device on the LAN FROM a Synology NAS

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Info Wake up (WOL) another device on the LAN FROM a Synology NAS

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Recently I needed to wake up a Synology NAS from another Synology NAS while sitting thousands of miles away. Normally sending a magic packet (WOL) over the internet should work provided that port 9 is forwarded. However, for a particular setup I have it didn't (something to do with how the network is configured I think, although I'm not sure yet). So I needed to do this from a Synology (on the same LAN) that I accessed via VPN and it worked.

All one needs to do is create a task (Control Panel > Task Scheduler) to be run by root with the following:
synonet --wake [MAC address] eth0;
or another eth interface. MAC address in the XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX without brackets.

Of course, for this to work your device should be configured to WOL. To WOL or not to WOL, that is the question :)
I've just registered for this post so hopefully someone can help me.

I'm in the middle of setting up a NUC and although WOL is working locally, I can't get it to work externally thanks for my router not passing the packet.

I've looked at this script but unsure if the mac address should be my DS211 adaptor or the adaptor of my NUC and how it would be triggered.

Many thanks
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I can post this:
If you have a Synology ROUTER (2600 in my case). The APP: DS ROUTER, CAN wake up a sleeping synology NAS (WOL) Successfully from a remote location, with NO PORTS FORWARDED on the router. (Or VPN)
Thanks unfortunately I don't have a Synology router. I have just read though that the fix above seems to require a VPN connection into the NAS

Yes, it’s the VPN connection that makes you “local” on your LAN at home while you’re remote.
You can configure Synology’s VPN server for this. However, I‘m not sure of what a DS211 is capable of. So double check if it can run the VPN server package.

I’ve only used it to wake up another Synology NAS. It‘s better if you try it first to see if it works (I believe it should). ssh into the NAS and send a magic packet to the NUC. If it works, all you need to do is setup the VPN Server.

The address should be the NUC’s MAC (that’s what you’re trying to wake up).
Ok I've tried setting this task up as a test but when I manually run the task, it doesn't wake up my PC despite WOL being enabled and active. The task message I'm using is synonet –wake d4:5d:df:03:30:f6 eth0;

I'm not sure if eth0 is correct?
Ok I've just got this working by putting /usr/syno/sbin/synonet --wake d4:5d:df:03:30:f6 eth0

I can now fire off the triggered task to boot my NUC but how can I trigger this task externally? The only triggers seems to be boot or shutdown?
Sorry for the late reply, sometimes I get sucked by a black hole for a while.

So you got it working but you’re saying you want to have a way to trigger it remotely, is that it?
If so, the only way I know of is to VPN into your network.

Alternatively, you may look into creating a WOL schedule that runs and wakes up the device if your usage times are predictable.
Ok thanks, but even if I VPN in, how would I trigger it? By loading up DSM and triggering the task from task scheduler?
Yes. That's what I was thinking. But I'm confused by your use of "boot and shutdown".
I was under the impression that it will hibernate (not shutdown) and you WOL it. Later it will go into hibernation by itself and you WOL it the next time and so on. Isn't that the case?

Either VPN in (if you don't want to forward any ports but a VPN port) or forward a port to DSM with RP and firewall it to limit it to your country or your destination of travel. Stick with VPN if you’re not sure.

The app DS Manager allows you to see tasks and run them if you want to avoid logging into desktop DSM every time you want to do that. I don't think Synology's DS Finder does that (but I'm not 100% sure).

You can also try to VPN in and use an app like Magic Packet and see if that works so you don't need anything from DSM to WOL it.

PS: just noticed you’re an Android user, you can check if any of the apps (or similar) are available for Android.
Ok great thanks unfortunately I can't use the magic packet through my Sky Router otherwise it would be so much easier

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