Drive WARNING: Android DS Drive stopped supporting self-signed certificates!

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Drive WARNING: Android DS Drive stopped supporting self-signed certificates!

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I was very surprised that after upgrading/changing from Android DS Cloud to Android Synology Drive App I suddenly could not connect to Synology Drive Server with the Android app anymore, while all desktop connections still work. This was reproducible on multiple Android devices. There were no other configuration changes which would explain that behaviour.
After months of back and forth contacting Synology support they now confirmed that Android DS Drive does not support self-signed certificates at present.

I have written a clear statement to Synology's support questioning why they are unilaerally killing a feature without pre-warning relevant for many users and small organizations that use their own PKI independent of third parties.
Please feel free to open a similar support ticket with synology or leave a comment in the google Play Synology Drive App to remind them to re-implement this feature Synology Drive – Apps bei Google Play

Here my original support ticket response in case you would like to copy/paste:

Dear Synology developer team,

please urgently implement supporting self-signed certs with Android Synology Drive. Android DS Cloud supported this feature for many years. Since the recent auto-update of Synology Drive Server to Version 3.0 now Android DS Cloud has become incompatible.

There has not been issued a pre-warning to users of discontinuation of self-siged certs on Android with DS Drive.
As a conseqeunce DS Drive Android synchronization has unexpectedly and suddenly become entirely unusable for many users and small companies who must use their own generated PKI-certificates and cannot rely on third party certificates (i.e. Let's encrypt or others).

Synology has suddenly killed a https synchronization feature for many users which has worked for many years with Android DS Cloud without issuing any pre-warning!

Therefore implementing Android Synology Drive app supporting self-signed certs is a matter of utmost urgency. You are otherwise losing previously very happy and loyal users!
Is there a valid reason why you can't use the free Lets Encrypt certificates?
I believe that is not the main point here. But to answer your questions: Some organizations do not wish to use third party certs, they may have their own PKI. Let's encrypt also requires opening ports for auto renewal. Some administrators do not wish to do that. But lets not discuss this matter here. The main point here is that Synology has killed a previously working feature without pre-warning.

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