DS finder Warning: For those of you with DS FINDER running with multiple 7.2 NAS’s

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DS finder Warning: For those of you with DS FINDER running with multiple 7.2 NAS’s

DS 718+, 2x-DS 720+
  1. RT2600ac
Operating system
  1. Windows
Mobile operating system
  1. iOS
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When loading to a NAS, I’m seeing an occasional reports of Drive fault. Randomly.
Completely logging out and back on will clear it!
Obviously the first time I saw it. Scared the crap out of me, however by logging into same NAS with computer, I realized that it’s a feature in DS FINDER, as computer sees SHR as fully operational!

Have seen this random DS FINDER DRIVE SYSTEM FAIL error message on 2x 720+ and 1x 718+ WHERE: A login from computer shows: NO DRIVE OR SHR ISSUES!! Seen on SSD & HDD NAS’s.

It’s Random. Close and re-open DS FINDER on same NAS shows all is fine.
Never saw this happen before 7.2


Would seem to be needing FS FINDER UPDATE!!
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It’s been a few days since 7.2 installs.
Early in time after 7.2 — Intermittent Abnormal Storage reports as shown above using DS FINDER were more frequently intermittent than now, a few days after the 7.2 install.
However I’m still seeing it intermittently on all NAS’s. Exit APP restart it fixes it. I have never seen it happen twice in a row.
Computer login verifies Nothing is unusual...
iPhone with latest iOS.

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