WD 2TB EFXR in DS420+, DS920+

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WD 2TB EFXR in DS420+, DS920+

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I have 4 2TB WD EFXR drives I may use in a DS418. Synology.com says they are supported on the compatibility list. My question is, could those also work if I go for a DS420+ or DS920+. Neither list these drives as compatible. But I wonder if it's just that they didn't bother to test this older/smaller drive in the higher end machine. So, if they work in the 418 would they work in the others? Anyone using them? I have 2 of them in a DS213J now and they are fine in that older unit.
The compatibility list shows tested drives. The absence of a drive from the compatibility list does not imply "incompatible" (there is an Incompatibility list as well, so check that).

Any SATA3 drive should work, though NAS/Enterprise-rated drives are recommended, and SMR/CMR drives should not be used in the same pool.

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