WD WD capitulates (somewhat) ... CMR/SMR

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WD WD capitulates (somewhat) ... CMR/SMR

DS4l8play, DS202j, DS3623xs+, DSM 8.025847-𝘣𝘦𝘵𝘢
In addition to taking customer and partner feedback seriously, we conduct in-house testing on the WD Red family of drives for compatibility, performance, endurance and other factors.

blah, blah, blah...
The WD Red Family
Here’s a breakdown of our products for NAS use-cases:

• Our current device-managed shingled magnetic recording (DMSMR) (2TB, 3TB, 4TB, and 6TB) WD Red series will be the choice for the majority of NAS owners whose demands are lighter SOHO workloads.

• WD Red Plus is the new name for conventional magnetic recording (CMR)-based NAS drives in the WD Red family, including all capacities from 1TB to 14TB. These will be the choice for those whose applications require more write-intensive SMB workloads such as ZFS. WD Red Plus in 2TB, 3TB, 4TB and 6TB capacities will be available soon.

• Our WD Red Pro (CMR 2TB to 14TB) series for the highest-intensity usage remains the same.

Prediction: CMR prices will increase.
While this is good news, i.e. there'll be published information so people can make an informed choice, this still has a potential problem for new users that aren't aware of the difference between Red 2-6TB and Red Plus 2-6TB.

So what happens when they want to expand their 4-bay NAS that started with two WD 4TB and add two 8TB? Or some such scenario. We had this with the recent pre-Plus move but it still exists. I think they should keep the original WD Red as CMR and make a new WD <new colour> for network file sharing and backup (i.e. not using a NAS as a multi-purpose server).
WD "Red" is the "New Coke", and like New Coke, informed users will turn from this horrid concoction until the "Original Coke", a.k.a., Red Plus dominates WD's NAS drives.

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