WD Mycloud compromised

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WD Mycloud compromised

Unfortunately, many WD users have found themselves unable to authenticate into their local units as a result.

In my understanding, Synology users who have activated Synology's 2FA service (vs TOTP) stand to be locked out of their services should Synology servers be taken down (for "maintenance" or otherwise).

And we've heard far too may complaints that the 2FA email emergency codes never arrive... so no one should count on that.

Be prepared.
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It would not surprise me to see WD close its cloud service entirely once their users gain access to their content. I expect to see other poorly managed "me too" cloud services failing in the future (I'm looking at you C2). Far too few understand the scale, or bother to invest in, cloud security.
Today, an update on the situation.
Although the WD Cloud services are back online, there remains a cloud above this cloud:


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