NAS Compares WD Red 14TB NAS Drives – WD140EFFX and WD141KFGX

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NAS Compares WD Red 14TB NAS Drives – WD140EFFX and WD141KFGX

The WD Red NAS Hard Drive Series hits 14TB

Good news for those that are looking for the biggest and best hard drives for their NAS Drive(Synology, QNAP, Asustor, etc) with the release of a new and larger addition to the WD Red HDD series, now in 14 Terabytes of size. The WD Red range of drives has been around for a number of years now and was one of the earliest NAS optimized hard drives available to both home and business users. Up until then, users were in the habit of using regular hard drives that, although workable, were not designed for the 24×7 activity, sporadic access and RAID durability that network Attached Storage (NAS) requires. Now available in both WD Red for home and small business, as well as WD Red Pro for larger and more enterprise RAID servers, the new 14TB generation of NAS drives will come as a fantastic new build or upgrade options who are brand loyal. In the last 12-18 months, we have witnessed a shift in the NAS media market between WD and Seagate, the latter traditionally arriving in larger capacities and lower prices per TB, but with the recent release of the 12TB range and 14TB now, things could change. So, why should you buy the WD Red WD140EFFX and WD141KFGX 14TB Drive for your NAS?

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I remember when I purchased my WD Reds, the sweet spot was 4TB (value wise). I hope these will push the sweet spot to 6TB.

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