NAS Compares WD Red 14TB WD140EFFX NAS HDD – Early Performance Build and Test

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NAS Compares WD Red 14TB WD140EFFX NAS HDD – Early Performance Build and Test

Testing the 14TB WD140EFFX NAS HDD

Now that WD Red has entered the realms of 14TB, with the release of the WD140EFFX NAS hard drive, the competition between drive manufacturers is really beginning to ramp up. We are long since past questioning the necessity of NAS optimized hard drives (i.e. RAID suitable, random read/write, 24×7 use, teaspoon vs fork, etc), but just how good is the WD Red 14TB NAS drive? We have long been using the smaller capacity WD Red drives in our Synology and QNAP NAS over the last few years, but after the 10TB, we saw a pause in their release schedule. Now, hot on the heels of the 10TB, we have this 14TB NAS build that, arrives at a price point that is very similar to it’s nearest competitor, yet the internal specifications are distinctly different in two key areas (that we will go into later on) and it is no longer just a case of these drives being the ‘same but different’. But before I get ahead of myself, let’s do things properly. This is part one of my 3 part series of tests of the WD Red 14TB NAS HDD, that I hope will give you a tonne of information on whether this drive is best for you and your data. In part one, we are going to take this new hard drive and test it in a single drive pc build, using popular and recognized benchmark tools to see how it does and in what areas it excels. So, let’s start our tests.
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