WD WD Red SMART load/Unload utility 3.5" Drive

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WD WD Red SMART load/Unload utility 3.5" Drive

DS418play, DS213j, DS3621+, DSM 7.0.4-11091
While exploring the WD site, I ran across this patch utility (dated 2013) which"modifies the behavior of the drive to wait longer before positioning the heads in their park position and turning off unnecessary electronics".

Although it's several years old, the red drive models listed are common to our NAS usage. Out of curiosity, I checked my Load Cycle Count and it's well below the 600k level the red drives are spec'd to endure. So I'm guessing either... 1) this patch was incorporated into later firmware, or 2) my NAS seldom hibernates/restarts.

Any thoughts? Should we be using this tweaking our EFAX/EFRX drives nowadays?

Affected HDDs:


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