NAS Compares WD SSD Buyers Guide – Blue, Red, Black, Green & Gold Difference

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NAS Compares WD SSD Buyers Guide – Blue, Red, Black, Green & Gold Difference

Choosing a WD SSD – Get it Right First Time

Solid State Drive (SSD) technology is something that, though once considered out of the reach of the average consumer, is now very, very common. Considerably faster than the much older HDD technology, SSDs are now featured inside almost every commercial technology device that we use today in some large or small form. One of the biggest brands in the world of storage in 2020/2021 is Western Digital and unsurprisingly, they have an impressive selection of SSDs available to buy in their product portfolio. This combined with WD being connected with SanDisk and UltraStar, has resulted in their range of SSDs for sale being incredibly diverse and confusing. So, if you are in the market to buy a new SSD from WD, it can be awfully confusing and you can spend hours trying to narrow down the literal hundreds of SSDs on offer to the right one, losing hours along the way. Never fear, I have taken the time to break down the key product families (WD Blue, Green, Black, Red and Gold) and separated them into what each one is designed for, what each one can do, what it cannot and ultimately help you decide the best SSD for your storage needs. However, before we start, it is worth taking a moment to learn about the key buying factors that affect the performance and suitability of any SSD compared with another.

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