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Welcome, akahan

Welcome to SynoForum.com, @akahan.

You may introduce yourself in this thread.

Enjoy our forums!
DS220+ : DS1019+ : DS216+II : DS118 : DS120j : APC Back UPS ES 700 — Mac/iOS user
Nice to see you here, akahan :)
We’re just missing a few more from the old days. I hope they find their way here.

Although it seems we ran out of cookies a long time ago :D
DS212J, DS214play, DS216, DS216play, DS414, DS918+, RS816
  1. RT2600ac
  2. MR2200ac
Operating system
  1. Windows
Mobile operating system
  1. iOS
Thanks for the welcome. I've been using Synology NAS in my home network since 2012, and now have seven of them(!), though my first one, a DS212J, is retired. I'm also running a Synology RT2600 router, which, in theory, is a spectacular router, though it seems to lose its mind from time to time. I use the machines mostly for downloading, storing and streaming video, for backing up the household PCs, for backing up one another, running a mail server, and medical experiments.

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