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Hello everyone,
Big thanks to the forum owners for a nice looking forum. Sure beats the official Synology mess!

So anyway, I'm here because I purchased my DS918+ about a year ago snd installed 4 10Tb Helios drives in a raid 5 configuration. Its attached to ATT fiber optic gigabit service using the ATT router and passthrough.

It started off fine, but once I started using some of the apps it's been nothing but one problem after another. I will address those in the proper locations later.

I have a startup videography business, so you can imagine the files can get quite large especially when shooting 4k 10 bit raw. As an example, my last shoot was just short of 1Tb. I have several goals to set this business up which mainly hinge on the NAS being operational, and so far Its failed in every aspect.

Just to list a couple needed functions here:
1) Host my own web site under Drupal 8.
2) Host my own web videos instead of linking to a 3rd party site like YouTube or Vimeo.
3) Allow users to create their own accounts and upload or download their media, just like dropbox or google drive.
4) Allow users to stream video content either anonymously like YouTube, or certain videos they are given access to. For example of the latter, to stream a watermarked video they had editing done to so they can suggest changes to or accept it before paying for a finished product.
5) Email server. Worked at one time, but now only receives since the latest Synology updates. Sending just gets a timeout error.
6) Havent even tried to address on site payments or Google analytics, etc.

I'm sure theres more, but one thing at a time.
Thank you!


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Welcome to the forum, good to have you with us. That list looks like a lot of things. Some might be easier to solve than others, some might even require some HW upgrades (RAM for example) but that will all depend on the actual needs.

Still, feel free to post and we will see if we can help out.

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