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Hi everyone. My name is Phillip and I live in Market Harborough in the UK - a small market town between Leicester and Northampton. I am a retired head of computing in a Leicestershire school.

I have had three different DS boxes over the years, all two drive units. I started with a basic 'se' model, then went on to a 'j' model and after realising how much I used my NAS I bought a DS218+, upgraded the memory and popped in 2 x 4TB WD Red drives. My thinking is that I prefer small, very fast local drives in my computers and files stored on the NAS. My main computer is an iMac and I have a 2012 Mac Mini I use as a Plex server - media files are stored on the NAS. My iMac is setup to dual boot into Windows for the odd occasions when I need to use it. I have Windows installed an a USB 3 SSD drive.

Over the past year my aim has been to rid myself of the pernicious influence of Google and its data-gathering shenanigans. To this end I moved from Android to iOS and installed NextCloud on my NAS to use for calendars, contacts and files and it syncs beautifully with my other devices. A perfect Google replacement. I use NoteStation to store all manner of things and it is an excellent alternative to Evernote. I use DS Photo to store my best photos going back years and I now use no Google Services at all.

I'm hoping this forum will grow to be as useful as the German synology-forum.de which I occasionally use with the help of Google Translate.


NAS Support
DS718+, DS918+, 2x RS3614RPxs+
  1. RT1900ac
  2. RT2600ac
  3. MR2200ac
Operating system
  1. macOS
Mobile operating system
  1. iOS
Glad to have you here Phillip.

Over the past year my aim has been to rid myself of the pernicious influence of Google and its data-gathering shenanigans
This sentence is why most people end up getting a NAS. Happy to see that you are using your box for more than just simple file storage.

Enjoy your stay and we all hope that this site will grow to benefit all members. Considering that we almost got 100 members in the 1st week, we couldn't be happier.

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