What a first week!

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What a first week!

DS220+ : DS1019+ : DS920+ : DS118 : APC Back UPS ES 700 — Mac/iOS user
My oh my. My head is still spinning. So much has happened…

@SynoMan kicked out the robot and smuggled him to sabotage the dark side’s forum. We are waiting for the lazy bugger to do anything yet
@Tedster got hit by the “we never forget, we don’t remember” hacker group demanding bitcoins. Tedster puts on his best gimp suit, goes to their tree house and offers cookies, strangely they refuse. Only bitcoins. We’ve just started on this forum and can’t afford any scandals. Let’s get it sorted
Widgetgate was about to claim a life
Forum reached 100, we celebrated
A truckload of cookies was delivered, @fredbert kept giving them away left and right until we ran out while the empty truck was pulling away
Repeated assurances and demonstrations of the BS generator were made for the advancement of all the lemmings in the corporate world and despite that it’s not utilized
@NAS Newbie kept shouting to secure his NAS. He still refuses to move his house next to the fiber in the ditch. Not very Nas Newbie of him. Latest says that the soup nazis ISP updated the router again and wiped out his public IP address. Now he can’t reach anything and no one can reach him. Very secure
I decide not to use 2FA and go live in a cave
@Shadow is consumed trying to figure out how to run a NAS in a cave
The Martian invaded Earh and was last seen in a Starbucks in Chicago, albeit some mistaken reports that he was in a KFC (turned out he’s vegetarian). Put on your helmet and make sure you have enough clean underwear. The end is near
@Telos is blocked again and the hundred people on his FB unfriended and blocked him
@Gerard admits that he’s trying to make sense of all the craziness in this forum
@Daddo expresses his disgust and disapproval of QuickConnect and default ports
Gruber is pissed off
@Rusty thinks everyone in this place has gone mad and switches on his Plex
And someone is still trying to make a backup

Wow! all of this in a week!

@SynoMan, bring back the robot, he might end up being the only sane person here 😂

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