What are the benefits of larger arrays?

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What are the benefits of larger arrays?

I'm glad as it would be a miserable experience for you. Everyone knows a smoker who has never had a health issue but on a broader scale it would be unreasonable to suggest that it does not present serious risk based on that self-selecting group.

RAID 5 really is depreciated and the reasons for that have only increased exponentially since then. You can run RAID 5 / SHR1 in certain circumstances but capacious HDDs with a slow interface and a barely improved mechanical lifetime isn't one of them.

whatever that meant. I've been running (miserably?) (depreciated?) SHR with HGST deskstars and they have been (miserably) Rock solid. To each, his/her own opinion on whatever (experience).

How unreasonable INDEED.
Bit of a misrepresentation there Coop. You said 'SHR-1 and RAID 5 have been very stable for me' and I replied that I was 'glad'. Loosing an array on rebuild really is a miserable experience - I would not wish it on anyone.

Fair enough - my bad for misinterpretation, and that's why we have backups....knock on wood.

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