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Just awesome!
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An old track, just refreshing myself before her UK gigs in September.

Found a useful feature of PerfectTUNES which goes through all my music library and checks against the AccurateRip database. Haven't used dBpoweramp for that long so it's useful to check what iTunes did with no error checking: found around 40 albums with issues. Re-did most of them so they are good. But 10 have issues, and I know they weren't created with pseudo-vinyl static/crackles or jumps. Listening to these to see if they are audible issues on a CD player, Hot Rocks isn't.

My advice on keeping CDs healthy: don't leave them in cars for ages cos most of these I remember doing long stints in the 90s.

Getting six replacements, even though I was told we can stream them. It's not the same :)
All my CDs are ripped. Did it a few times over the years, last time was from 320kbps AAC to ALAC. This was mostly before I got dBpoweramp so I could run multiple optical drives. So that meant most CDs were ripped with iTunes with no error correction (or whatever it called it) and I didn't always go back and listen... it's not all my music 🙉

The PerfectTUNES feature can go back over my files and check them against the database, like dBpoweramp does when ripping.

The CDs I have issues with are mostly from early/mid 90s and a couple from late 90s. All bought new in the 90s. Got my first separates Hi-Fi in 1992.
All my CD, Cassettes and Vinyl have been ripped to flac files, but I've still kept the physical versions.
I hadn't heard of PerfectTUNES before, but will give that a try, not sure how long it'll take to test thousands of albums though.
It’s for CDs and 16,000 files took many hours. Probably best to set your library folders to just the lossless files: I keep duplicate versions at 320kbps (for mobile devices) and 128kbps (to be sure streaming apps don’t forget to transcode), but these can be recreated from ALAC.

ALAC cos I’m using Apple stuff; would’ve used FLAC if Windows or Linux.

Ooh, didnt realise the forum had a music thread...(y)
Currently playing: Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Arkology, Disk 2
Well-organised and thorough box set overview from the master of analogue Dub. Love it!
Doesn’t laying it out like that scratch the vinyl? 😀
You got it, @fredbert; most people think he got his middle name because of the occasional,err, mishap while cueing up the next track when he was a DJ...but in fact it was nothing more than a pithy reference to his poor vinyl storage and organisation practices...:ROFLMAO:

Now playing: Serge Gainsbourg - 'Histoire de Melodie Nelson'
28 minutes of pop/jazz/baroque/conceptual wondrousness from the king of French sleeze. Worth it for the tic-tac basslines alone, played by Dave Richmond (or was it Herbie Flowers, using a nom-de-bass...??)
Jazzers love its laid-back, late-night smokiness; indie kids love it's dark, alt-melodies; the prog-rockers love its extended instrumental rock work-outs; the funketeers love it's sweaty, grroove-laden fonkiness...there's something for everyone in it's all-too-brief 28 minutes...

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