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What are you listening?

(y)I absolutely adore Tom Waits : 'Burma Shave' / 'I Never Talk to Strangers' / 'Kentucky Avenue'...what a discography

"...Well usually about 2.30 in the morning you've ended up taking advantage of yourself..."
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I can't believe you know "Pearls Before Swine'!!!! I bought Balaklava on ESP-disk in the UK in about 1990.

Almost no-one over here had heard of them; I got to hear of them from a typically brilliant article written about them by (iirc) Lester Bangs...they just sounded so intriguing I kept my eye out and eventually found the esp-disk version. I still have it; it's a really cheaply done recording and pressing, with a really thin, undercooked sound complete with crackles & pops even when new; but it's a corker.

Kind of, erm, interesting lyrical content on that W Coast track; kind of fits with the S Gainsbourg album earlier., I guess...:oops:

Great stuff @Telos!(y)
I can see you're into your psych/folk @Telos...!

I tend to sway more towards experimental / weird / underground side of this than the more folky / pop stuff like the Byrds, BS-M etc. You probably know this already:
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