What determines which user name appears first at NAS login?

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What determines which user name appears first at NAS login?


2 ea DS415+, 8ea 3TB Red Pro Hdd, HA Cluster 12TB
Operating system
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  2. Windows
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I have 2 DS415+ and use LastPass for both. I have multiple users on each and access them with windows 10. One of them always shows up the first user name, mine, listed in both Lastpass and DSM user lists.. The other always shows a specific username that appears farther down on both the LastPass and DSM user lists. A seemingly minor point, but one of those things that always pops up. At odd moments I've looked a listing, instructions, etc. Don't be concerned with LastPass as I have numerous sites that always work correctly on it and it's out of scope here.. I thought at first it was a case of the last person logged on, but not so. The order of accessing the NAS makes no difference either. Can anyone tell me if there is something in DSM that could cause this to happen? I had to repair this second unit before this started and maybe I missed a minor setup entry.

No big deal,but it's like one of the "earworms" my granddaughters leave me with.
I use 1Password and mostly it suggests the accounts for the right NAS. I'm saving URLs in 1Password that cover most of the URLs that an account can use to access the NAS, but 1Password seems to recognise the mydomain.tld bit and so there's a big list especially since reverse proxied, Dockerised services have different logins but share the same root URL.

But the different NAS have FQDN and they get the right list of logins, even if the first isn't always the one I want.

Oddly though I can never get 1Password to suggest my switches logins even though I browser to their FQDN, I get NAS login suggestions until I type a short search string.
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fredbert Got me looking at URLs real closely. Found a slight difference between the two and all's well now. Thanks for getting me thinking again.
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