What did you do on your Synology NAS today?

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What did you do on your Synology NAS today?

Spent most of the day hating on Synology!

Why? Well, I bought a WD Elements drive to back up all of my NAS folder contents to.
I created duplicate named folders on the Elements and copied all of the contents to them. Using File Station on my NAS.

Great. Except it isn't great, for some reason it created over 100,000 files with a ._ prefix spread all over the Elements drive. Mostly about 242 bytes each.

So they'd be the same name as existing files but ._filename.mp3

Why? WTF?

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So it's too early to do taxes, and we're snowed in, so other than Internet shopping we're not going anywhere... other than the occasional snow shoveling and salt spreading... on driveway... We might try tamping snow down with all wheel drive SUV later today....
So figured it's been a year Plus since I did any Security camera footage and picture examinations, I'm about 6-8 months late in exams....
Video files cleanup is relegated to SS.... and it is doing a fine job...
Picture files (ftp) cleanup however is relegated to multiple Timed Script Files, one for each camera (written by someone else -- that I did a Family VHS tape to DVD Authoring job), and these Timed Script Files execute in middle of night.... Each camera has different settings, based upon the activity of the camera (Including Spider visits). First implemented 3 years ago, and revised 2.5 years ago..... Other than an occasional visit to copy off animal visit pictures and videos.... it pretty much sits there running on it's own....

Examination yesterday: Totally Un-Eventful! Machine is truly smarter than Operator!
Added some more DDR3 ECC RAM to second RS unit.

Had a go with Synology's "Active Back-up for Business".
Last time I tried it it was a train wreck. The installer wanted half a gig of dubious downloads from M$ before it would even run.
Now, it seems, those "dubious downloads" are already built into Windows. So the install was a breeze.

The process seems to work really well. It pegs my elderly 1515+ at nearly 100% CPU usage though, when doing a back-up.
But, good job Synology, for a change!

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