Info What do you use your NAS for?

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Info What do you use your NAS for?

With several Syno apps and ofc Plex I use a lot of Docker containers for various solutions.

Docker: no, except what official Synology packages use it for.

What I do use it for: file sharing and archiving; various media servers; private cloud services (photos and docs); archive mail server (forwarded from a paid Internet service); DNS server; LDAP server for SRM VPN Plus; web server.

Running but not actively used: calendar and contacts, as these are working ok with iCloud.
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  • file storage (documents, photos, videos) using Drive
  • calendar
  • contacts
  • Bitwarden password manager via Docker (thank you @Rusty :) )
  • audio station (also on mobile so I can listen to my music in a car for example)
  • Hyper Backup to backup on external drive
  • Note station (I really love it)
I switched from Google services as much as I could so no more Gmail (for my personal mail), Google Photos, Keep, Google Calendar and non-Google LastPass (well, lately I was using KeePass).

Next thing is to set up VPN on my router.

At least feeling is better. I still have to learn a lot to use my NAS and all that networking stuff. Well, look at my avatar. Currently, it reflects my knowledge for NAS :)
See here:

...For example with all the stuff I'm running on my NAS'es I really can't call it a 'NAS' anymore.

  • Obviously SMB file server
  • MailPlus
  • CalDAV
  • CardDAV (under the Calendar app)
  • WebDAV
  • Drive
  • CloudStation sharesync (to 2ync my 2 nasses)
  • LDAP (so we can use the same login on all the NAS'es and Syno routers in the internal networks)
  • DNS (for split-zone DNS, as I own a public domain)
  • Docker (Virtual DSM as a proxy in my network to my NordVPN connection)
  • Web server
  • PhotoStation
  • UPNP media server
  • Note Station
Between the two Stations I have:
  • Files (Archive my RAW pictures, family pictures/videos, and documents)
  • Share documents with file shares (Downloads and uploads)
  • Video station/DS Video For iOS and Apple TV and to cast to my smart TV
  • Audio station/DS Audio
  • Mail server
  • WebDAV (mainly for my iOS Pages and Numbers)
  • Calendar to sync with iOS and android mobile calendars
Primary NAS (DS918+):
  • File Sharing (AFP/SMB)
  • Plex
  • NFS file shared storage for VMware homelab
  • Time Machine for Apple laptops (desktops have a local external drive for backups)
  • Docker - containers: Zabbix, SoulSeek, LibreNMS, Squid Proxy Server
  • Virtual Machine Manager (running a DietPi_x86 VM on here for redundancy)
  • DNS Secondary (I have my RT2600ac running Primary DNS & DHCP)
  • Bliss music tagger
  • Syslog Server
  • UPS Server

Syncing using Shared Folder Sync to Backup DS418play - thinking whether to change this to something else (CloudStation/Drive?). I also have a DS218 that I may move offsite, so versioning of backups is of interest.
primary NAS farm (two 1813+) as data availability services:
  • Drive (dynamically from 6 to 25 users) 32 vers.
  • Cloud sync 9(Google Drive + One Drive + Azure resync to/from Syno Drive)
  • iSCSI Man. - LUNs for Acronis True Image (backups of local clients from LAN/WAN)... core 6 users
  • Hyper backup all of the mentioned + Vault to 1811+
  • Acronis True Image for Mobile dev.
  • HA Manager
  • Docker - small portion of useful services (development target for next NAS).
  • VPN Server
  • Antivirus Essential as 9backup from client side Antiviruses)
  • all necessary support Syno services

Secondary, my private farm (1813+)
  • Drive for family
  • Cloud Sync of course
  • Docker (for a test purposes)
  • Hyper backup
  • Single RAID0 for Video rendering swaps
  • Surveillance station
  • No media server - It is just storage eaters in this streaming times

1811+ as backup site only for my primary and secondary farm
Syno DS Hw/OS is really good for daily data mining operation. Then RS3617RPxs with their performance and redundancy (power) is strong enough (SSD RAID10) for advanced Java “custom MChL tools). I like it, how Syno moved the Enterprise features to SME pricing. How far is it from 10y old history, when the enterprise feature has been domain of Big blue and similar brands.
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My use is for home personal use.

I use my primary 1813+ for shared file storage of documents, drawings, photos, music files, software install packages and as a target for a Time Machine from several Macs.

The second unit received shared file sync copies. It recently died. So, while I try getting it fixed, the disks moved to the newly acquired 1019+.

I am kind of a privacy wonk and don’t share any data with the cloud.

I have been messaging with tech support (I opened a ticket) for 2 weeks (hence the new unit).
It failed the memory test so I replaced the memory but that failed too. I am suspecting power supply issues since it seemed to run until there was disk activity. But, I can’t be sure.

The last two reply’s I made to tech support asked for help getting it repaired but it seems they are dodging the question. I don’t see anything on their web site about repairs. An equivalent replacement (ds1819+) is nearly a thousand bucks.

Any suggestions? I suppose I should start a topic about it.
I use it in many small business office that do not want to pay huge fees for running a office server. These perform just as good as regular servers and save huge amounts of money and fees, with no down time and loads to other systems are transferred easily with the best in backup features for office systems. Oh and the licencing vers regular server licensing is a HUGE SAVINGS for the smaller office.
my DS1019+ is primarly to run Plex server and media grabbing.
but i also have a couple of VMs and VPN server, and it's my web server too.

most of my primary apps run in Docker (Sonarr, Radarr, Jackett, Sabnznd, Tranmission, Ombi, Unifi Controller).

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