Info What do you use your NAS for?

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Info What do you use your NAS for?

Looking at it from all angles and trying to get the best experience across all devices. At home the primary access device for the family will be Apple TV though. When we all get released from COVID-19 I'll be looking for remote access as well as downloading content to the iPad for taking away on holiday (not always WiFi where we holiday).

No, VLC will play back but it has to be launched from within DS Video for it to do it (IIRC).

Does that make more sense now. Sorry for being a little obtuse :)
Looks like Plex will be on top from where I'm sitting
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It varies. I'm still evaluating but so far I'm leaning towards Emby. I prefer the backend interface and when pulling down meta data it has made less errors than Plex. I had to correct the data on around 5 films and I think 6 series with Plex. In Emby I had to correct 2 films and 1 series. The user interface in Emby is a lot more streamlined too.

The only annoyance so far with Emby is that is takes up a lot more memory on the NAS than Plex. Emby takes up 1.3 Gb and Plex only 102 Mb. That is a heck of a difference.

[UPDATE] After making recommended Emby library share changes I'm glad to say after restarting the Emby package memory is now down to 153 Mb. That I can live with :)


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If Emby is using the Media Server (DLNA) structure to provide access then you can adjust this structure using Custom styles in Media Server.

I have a Custom menu style in Media Server that stops access to photos and movies (each type has one menu item and that points to an unused folder), plus the music menus have additional items to serve specifically from my ALAC (Apple's version of FLAC) folder and also reorder items to my preference.

Regarding Plex as the winner for media accessed from everywhere:

I have't enabled direct Internet access to the Plex Media Server since this has my personal use content yet the authentication is via Plex website (I have no desire to accidentally share this content and invoke any rights vs fair-use questions). Instead I use a VPN back to home for Plex, but do have Audio Station, Video Station, and Moments accessible from the Internet with their NAS authenticated users.

I may be paranoid, but as I said before .... whatever works for you :)
Emby can use DLNA but I have that turned off. Quite agree over the sharing I will be similarly careful myself if / when COVID-19 goes away and we can holiday again :)
You may want to look into KODI as well - I've been running on it for years and it handles pretty much everything EXCEPT for external streaming.
1) Plex/media storage
2) File server
3) Desktop backups
4) VMs
5) Play

I may set up a NMS on it.
Reactive resume
Node Red
Home Assistant

WTF ??

What am I missing out on? I must've read of about a dozen different packages in this thread that simply do NOT appear in my package centre.

The community centre I have is ''. Is there some whole OTHER community repository I'm missing out on?
my last container is GitLab for a store/management of source codes from 3rd party suppliers for my projects. Works, perfect.
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I have all these on my DS718+ running currently:


Docker is a bit difficult for a Linux noob like me, but I'd choose a Docker container solution over a 3rd party app directly installed on my NAS anytime (if the option is given).
Man, I wish I would have found this forum 2 weeks ago! My DS720+ shows up via FedEx today. Im def going to have a steep learning curve. Sounds like Docker is going to be one of the first things I need to learn. (after I figure out how to make my NAS secure from the web). Thanks for all the great ideas and info.

My 6TB drives are probably not going to be big enough anymore!!!

A dumb question perhaps... What does Privoxy offer that your Adguard Home lacks?

Euh.. Can you setup Adguard Home as an internal forward proxy server?

The privoxy containers are linked to the respective NordVPN containers.

docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --name privoxyCH --net=container:nordvpn3 splazit/privoxy-alpine
I have all these on my DS718+ running currently:

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Docker is a bit difficult for a Linux noob like me, but I'd choose a Docker container solution over a 3rd party app directly installed on my NAS anytime (if the option is given).
That is a lot of containers. I have my pi.hole, dnscrypt for DNS over HTTPS, Unifi Controller, and portainer. I've been doing Docker for over 2 years now on various platforms and now if a product doesn't have a container version I usually will not go for it.

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