Info What do you use your NAS for?

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Info What do you use your NAS for?

After two months of heavy tinkering with my NAS, I've wrapped up my notes in the following entry, which I'm sure I'll keep editing and adding to in the months to come:
Getting the Most Out of Your Synology Networked Attached Storage: Did You Know It Can Do That?

I want to profusely thank @Rusty who is one the people who helped me most with his blog, this forum, and even through one-on-one conversations. These little boxes can really do a lot if you know how to, but there's a lot of stuff I wouldn't have figured out alone!
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Hi everyone,

I guess I've had my 920+ with 4 8TB WD Red Pro drives for about 6wks now and I haven't had this much fun since I ditched Windows for Linux 16yrs ago.

Primarily, it's used as A/V storage for our 2 Kodi entertainment systems. An Intel NUC in the living room and an Rpi3B in the bedroom. Over the past 3yrs I've been using usb docks w/4TB WD Red drives on each local system, duplicating rips to each one. Next thing I know, I have 6 such drives (3ea) and the idea of any one of them dying on me started keeping me up at night. j/k So an online friend had been prodding me to move to a Synology NAS as he uses them frequently on client systems and finally this spring I was able to make the move. Wow, these things are awesome and capable of so much more than simple data storage, which they excel at, btw.

After getting our Kodi systems recofigured, I started thinking about backup solutions. I went with a DX517 and used 5 of the 6 4TB drives for a Hyper Backup Vault. So now I run daily snapshots on the 920 and back it up weekly to the 517. All equipment is on a Tripp-Lite UPS w/usb connected to the 920.

Then I discovered Docker!! So far I just have portainer, pi-hole and kiwix off-line wikipedia containers running, but as I learn my way around docker, I'm sure there will be more containers to come.

I also use duplicity to run daily backups of our laptops to the 920. I looked at HBB, but it apparently doesn't play well with linux systems. No problem as I already had duplicity running and just changed the destination.

Anyway, I'm so glad that I found this forum as I've learned quite a lot in a relatively short time.
Movies/TV series for KODI, torrenting, photos, FTP, and some experimenting / playing with mail plus server and webstation on my own domain.

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