What happens during Scheduled Power off?

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What happens during Scheduled Power off?

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So I'm experimenting with Scheduled power off and on... Rules...

It obviously stays at least partially on, as it knows the time to re-start....

Anyone know what happens to Drives Power? Is it total power off or _______??

I Plan on checking temps just before, and just after tomorrow... But thought I'd ask if more info was available....

Changed Notification and Drive test schedule & email times, and changed BEEP Commands.... (so they don't conflict with Power Off times)... Anything else comes to mind?

My one concern: Will Shared Folder Sync from this, other NAS's have the smarts to TRY AGAIN LATER, once it fails due to scheduled power down? (I have all SFS on all NAS's set to "Update on Modification", so I'm hoping it would)... But then the question becomes: Will it back up "missed" files that were created during the power down period, on anotther NAS, that's still on?

Thanks as usual!
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Based upon tests done with 2x 720+ NAS's....
It appears that Shared Folder Sync DOES update files that were created during scheduled power off times.... from multiple NAS's in multiple directions...

It appears (based on drive temps) that if drive isn't totally powered off, it is placed in a condition where it's temperature is within a couple degrees as surrounding air temp... That'll have to do until someone posts more info....

DS FINDER other than the very first time it encountered a shut down NAS, has not indicated anything that is incorrect since... from multiple NAS's that have Scheduled Power off times set differently... or not at all.
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