What is Cloud Station Alternative in DSM 6.2.4

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What is Cloud Station Alternative in DSM 6.2.4

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I want realtime sync PC folder ans NAS folder in same network. All solutions are about Cloud Station but there is no Cloud Station in my package center. I've tried to install manuelly but it said 'no support'.
Can you tell me a solution ?
I can't find Synology Drive too. My NAS is DS211J. Doesn't it support the Synology Drive too?
I really didn't imagine that. I've hoped it will be easier. There are a lot of spk file and i don't know which i have to select:)
Thank you , i will try more
There are a lot of spk file and i don't know which i have to select
Cloud Station is not compatible with the 110j. That's why it's not seen in Package Center. There is no suitable spk AFAIK.
Cloud Station has been deprecated and, I think, it was announced last year: it's easy to google this using Synology DSM Cloud Station. The successor is Synology Drive and Cloud Station has been removed from distribution. However if you still want to use it then you can install in manually.


  1. Browser to https://www.synology.com/en-global/support/download
  2. Select NAS
  3. Choose your NAS model
  4. Go Packages to find the processor string for your NAS that's used in file names [see below]
  5. Go and get your NAS's installer file of the package you want. For old NAS you may have to look in a few different version folders to find the last/latest installer.
  6. For devices and packages that are no longer maintained then you should be wary about using them and consider any risks they may have by being in you local environment, plus how exposed to exploitation they from the Internet both directly and via other local devices (e.g. Insecure of Things devices).

Finding the processor string for your NAS:


Hover the mouse cursor over any Download button and the link should be displayed by the browser. e.g. for the DS211j the processor string is 'armv5'

I really don't understand the Synology. It's target is backup but it started not to support back up plugins even not adding alternative solutions for old models. You have to buy the up model.
You can not get harder the your first purpose.
If old iphones didn't support the calling, it would be stupid
I will try to install it
Thank you.
Don't shoot the messenger.

It's target is backup
I'd say a NAS's target is network storage and everything else is extra, but most buy a NAS to do the non-NAS stuff as much as the NAS: backup is an activity that uses storage. There are other methods to access the storage (e.g. SMB, AFP, NFS, WebDAV) and other ways to achieve backup (e.g. other Mac/PC local application).

To use Cloud Station now requires you jump through a few hoops so if you want to use it this is how it now is. As an extra precaution, I would also make sure you have the mobile DS cloud apps in case they get removed from app stores.

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