Question What is your password change policy?

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Question What is your password change policy?

DS4l8play, DS202j, DS3623xs+, DSM 8.025847-𝘣𝘦𝘵𝘢
Generally, I change user passwords every 12 months, and admin passwords every 6 months.

But this can be painful... as it precipitates many other changes... For example, on my modest network, I recently had to update...
  • each related Bitwarden login
  • four CalDAV clients
  • four CardDAV clients
  • two WebDAV clients
  • four Synology Drive clients
  • six Hyper Backup tasks
  • three rsync tasks
  • two Shared Folder Sync tasks
... and perhaps a few others, I've yet to discover.
Every single step to next level of security should be rewarded by better sleeping.

For any reasons - is better to perform regular backup (export) of Bitwarden vault Json/csv to encrypted form. Just to be sure.

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