what level of noise is produced from your rack?

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what level of noise is produced from your rack?

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I was intrigued that many users wrote - they were bothered by the sound from the HDDs.

So my primary homelab rack is about:
17 enterprise-class HDDs
in 3 NASes
and 2 routers
and 48p switch
plus 5 Noctua fans for an adaptive airflow within the rack
include big tower workstation equipped with NVMe/SSDs only, 2 GPUs ... all cooled by water - so radiator cooler there and 3 additional fans.

... this rack produces avg. 49.7dB (measured by 2 independent smartphone APPs), A-weighting measuring. And most of the noise comes from the switch and one router (rackmount versions). The median frequency is about 542Hz. The long term median temp of HDDs in the NASes is about 32C.
However, I understand that everyone has different sensitivity of ears ;)

According to the noise level standards:
30db is about Soft whisper
40dB is about Quiet office
50 dB is about moderate running window AC or a rainfall
up to 55 dB is necessary for an "intellectual work"
60 dB about common conversation
60-65 Open offices

If you don't know - the dB scale is logarithmic, so 10dB is increased by a factor of 10. When 20dB is increased by a factor of 100.

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