What should yield the highest transfer speeds between two Synology NAS's?

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What should yield the highest transfer speeds between two Synology NAS's?

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Say, just hypothetically, you wanted to transfer around 9 terabytes of data across your 1GB wired LAN from your DS918+ to your new DS920+; most of the files are several gigabytes apiece. Both machines using four drives with SHR2, the 920+ is BTRFS, the 918+ is EXT, though I don't think that should make any difference.

What ought to get you the fastest transfer speeds?


1. Mount a folder on the DS920+ as a CIFS shared folder on the DS918+ and "copy" the files into that mounted folder;
2. Mount a folder on the DS920+ as an NFS shared folder on the DS918+ and "copy" the files into that mounted folder;
3. Use Windows File manager on a PC, establish SMB connections to both NAS's, and administrate the copy from the PC;
4. Something i haven't thought of.
Just spitballing here but this might be a good use case for SMB multichannel, assuming all devices support it and are configured properly.
Is SMB multichannel supported DSM-DSM? It’s not supported in File Station, I’m sure.

I would say the quickest way to migrate would be to take the Hyper Backup vault of the old NAS and restore to the new. That’s if the vault is on external USB storage.

By changing from ext4 to Btrfs then you can’t use Migration Assistant (is that what it’s called in DSM, am I thinking of macOS) as many things have to be the same in source and destination.
Yep, SMB MC is not officially supported via File Station (as stated in the release notes, and we have a topic here on the forum about it).

Personally, file station mount copy/paste should use your max 1Gbe speed, but I would agree with @fredbert here to use HB for that amount of data (and not in a single go). HB would have better control over what got copied over and where to resume from in case something stops. In the past, this has served me well with no issue or data corruption.
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As far as I can tell, SMB multichannel doesn't do ANYTHING to speed up throughput between two Synology NAS's (specifically DS918+ and DS920+), whether using File Station or Shared Folder Sync. (You can look in Resource Manager and see that LAN1 is doing between 100 and about 125MB/sec at best, and LAN2 has activity in the KB range.) And, Shared Folder Sync does about the same, speedwise, as mounting the destination folder remotely in File Station and transferring via File Station.

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