What type and size of SD drives do I need for the 1019+

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What type and size of SD drives do I need for the 1019+

860 Evo I presume? or Pro?

I forgot to mention in my original reply, I'm running RW cache, because my NAS serves my VMware hosts. Both are still at 100% health after running around a year. My second DS918 has 2x 256GB PM981 units in RO cache, they were in use in the main unit as RW for around six months prior to the 2x 512GB 760p upgrade.
Thanks. Read-only SSD is fine and I was going to go for Ironwolf. Didn't see any Ironwolf pro. But will search again.
Thanks @Rusty Was that read/write or read only - and can you characterize the workload for us? I gather that recently announced Enterprise and NAS level SSDs are the industry's response to poor durability in consumer grade SSDs. A read/write cache would be very heavily written in the high activity environments where it would prove most useful.
Hi again Ron... This is my final intended set up. Lots of different options for RAM so please take a look at link - also can only find SSD cache in Ironwolf, not Ironwolf pro, thank you.

Primary NAS

DS1019+ (new)

Backup no. 1 (main back up) – different room same house as Primary NAS (new)


2x 12T Ironwolf Pro HDD = 24T back up

Back up no. 2 – outbuilding on same plot as house (old)

DS 213+ running DSM 6.2.

2 x 4T on RAID 1 – total storage 4T for critical files only.

The disks are old but working fine. Planning to leave as-is unless it dies.

Ron any final words of wisdom before I buy?
Sorry quick correction to the above...the 1019+ is of course 5 Bays and so its 5 x 8T on RAID 6. (24T of storage with 2 disc safety).
Good morning (from the US West Coast) @slobdiddy. Looks like you've been doing your homework; so I'll do the same. I'll be away for a few hours and will give this some thought before responding later today. First, a couple questions in the hope you're still online...

Will any of the three NAS run 24/7? Will any of the NAS run near where people are working or relaxing with a PLEX video? Are either of the backup NAS used for anything other than backup?

And can you say a bit more about the non-PLEX workload (e.g. type of application and number of users)?

Later... Ron
Hi again Ray and thanks again!

NAS will all run 24/7. This is what I have done with my 213+. Will be set up in our home country, but we have kids overseas studying in two other countries where we frequently visit. A Phase 2 project could be to set up NAS in the other countries where we spend time - but if our home-based server is readily accessible remotely from other countries then there would be no point in this.

Usage - business records, 4K streaming on Plex, Cloud server for 4 people, 2 of whom are currently studying overseas. Will probably allocate 1 TB to each personal Cloud if this is possible.

Critical data - my wife's business records, family videos, some old TV series that would be very difficult to replace as they are old and you wouldn't find them online, plus clouds for myself, my wife plus our two kids.

Plus I will probably start again with my favourite movies and get some 4K versions. I want to back these up, but it's less critical if I lose the files.

I hope this is enough info.
@slobdiddy Looks like you've given this some research and thought. That's always a good investment. IMHO, you've made some good choices; so most of what I have to offer will be a "devil's advocate" type of response.

I do have just one concern - especially given the shipping delays you mentioned that presumably would delay a return, as well. Without a compelling reason to do so... I'd be reluctant to upgrade RAM capacity beyond what's officially supported - and I'd be reluctant to use non-Synology RAM. I don't see anything in your description of workload that screams out "memory upgrade". If you do proceed with the RAM as part of your initial "package", I'd suggest using the 1019+ with factory memory for a while before swapping out the memory cards. RAM upgrades are always tempting; and relatively inexpensive. But often not necessary.

The IronWolf M.2 cache drives should be fine. But they are almost certainly at least a 4x overkill in terms of capacity. But given your analysis of cost/GB, the 480GB is an easy choice.

IronWolf Pro is, IMHO, a very safe and logical choice. But you might also look at Exos before buying. Exos is more durable, longer MTBF, etc. And they are often less expensive than IronWolf Pro. HOWEVER, there are some noteworthy tradeoffs: Exos drives are heavier, consume more power, generate more heat, make more noise, and must spin 24/7 (no hibernation). Also, there's no data recovery option.

FWIW: We recently swapped out 24x older IrowWolf Pro 10TB for 18x Exos 16TB. They're in two NAS in an unused room that we now refer to as the "bamboo forest".

Not to second guess... But if you're looking at this purchase for the long haul, do be sure you've over estimated data growth through time, such that your data will not exceed about 80% of the array's actual capacity - lower is even better. Note that the "labeled" capacity of a hard drive is larger than the available capacity when installed. For instance a 16TB drive will have about 14.6TB usable capacity.

Well that's my two-cents-worth. I'm eager to hear your thoughts, as well as others.

Thanks Ron all highly helpful. Unfortunately my server cupboard is right next to a bed in our spare room. One of the reasons I liked the 1019+ is that it's supposed to be quite quiet, but all is relative. I think 24T is way more than I will need. Right now I think I am at around 6 if I add what is on my server and what I have had to store on USB drives. But as I migrate my favorite movies to 4K (and expand out my collection) this will increase.
Brainwave is to move the 1019+ to my office and stick my 2 x 12TB Backup NAS in the server closet in my spare room... assume that Backup NAS will only make noise on backup and I can set it to do so midday when the spare room is unlikely to be in use.

Can I just ask someone to check the two links above to check these are the compatible RAMs and NVME SSD? Many thanks!
We've wandered a bit from your initial question. So you might consider posting the memory upgrade question in a new thread to attract more responses. Wish I could help; but that's not my area of expertise.

The cache IronWolf SSDs are compatible, according to Synology's compatibility table.

FWIW, I installed Iron Wolf (non-pro) in the 1019+ that I manage remotely. It is located in a family room, so noise would have been an issue with Exos. It is infrequently used, so energy savings from hibernation was also a consideration. It is in a cabinet that restricts ventilation somewhat, so I was concerned about the additional heat from Exos. And it is at 7200ft elevation, which makes it more difficult to maintain optimal drive temperatures under 40-degrees C with Exos. Tradeoffs...

Thnaks Ron. Think I'm good to get ordering now. I was looking at a provider on eBay that sells these things assembled, but that's at a premium of about $500 by my calculation and so I will do this myself. I'll be back for help with setting up a cloud with allocated storage for each participant, back up and Plex, no doubt. thanks so much again.
got as far as ordering the Ironwolf Pro 8TB HDD. There are three available serial numbers. 001, 0004, 0021. Can't find the difference between these anywhere. 0021 means made in 2021? Can anyone help? Many thanks.
This might help with sorting out the model numbers: Compare Seagate IronWolf Pro (NAS) ST8000NE001 AND Seagate IronWolf Pro (NAS) ST8000NE0004 The page allows you to select any pair of model numbers for comparison. Your HDD vendor should be able to advise beyond that. With OEM hard drives, the vendor (vs the manufacturer) is usually responsible for fulfilling warranty claims. So it would be wise to check reviews for your HDD vendor. I'm speaking from the perspective of a very bad vendor experience very long ago - four out of six drives failed within a few days - no response to warranty claims and multiple calls.

WIth a little time and patience, you should be able to achieve your planned result. The knowledge you'll gain is probably the best part of the do-it-yourself bargain. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Thanks Ray. All ordered now. I Will have a little bit of a wait, until everything is delivered, and then I'll have fun assembling and getting the max functionality out of this. I will be back on another thread to ask for further advice I'm sure! Thanks so much for all the help.

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