What's the Linux backup/Duplicity command line "backend" path "scheme" to access Synology NAS?

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What's the Linux backup/Duplicity command line "backend" path "scheme" to access Synology NAS?

ds1511+, wd red 3TB RAID1, 3GB ram. DS 940+,wd red 3TB RAID1, 12GB ram
I'd like to use Linux Duplicity program from the command line to benefit from additional command options that offers, but am unable to find/figure out the proper format for the "backend" Target path.
I've successfully used the GUI to backup to the Synology NAS for years. using just smb:// for "Network Location" and Minty for "folder."

I have SMB enabled for NAS. Not NFS.

This, for example, fails. Minty is the directory holding the backups the Backup GUI generates.

duplicity collection-status --dry-run sftp://[email protected]:22/xray_backups/Mint193
with error:
 BackendException: Could not initialize backend: No module named paramiko

FTP & SFTP are enabled on NAS. DSM 6.2.3.

I can't figure out how to add paramiko support to sftp/DSM.

Duplicity's man page has lots of examples, but no guidance on which is appropriate for NAS connection.

Anybody know the correct incantation? Protocol? need for username/password, etc.

Thanks much!
I'm no expert here... but one of the Duplicacy experts wrote this up...
Thanks much, but that seems to be a different program with a whole new learning curve.
Duplicity v Duplicacy.
Next it'll be Deuteronomy.

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