What’s your experience with Chat?

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What’s your experience with Chat?

No I havent, but thats just a few clicks to activate. People on chat are more old school IRC members so voice is not a priority. But it does work without problem.

There are 2 platform for voice and video. One is rocket.chat own platform, still in development and the other is Jitsi. Also it support public accessible Jitsi or a private Jitsi platform.

UPDATE: I have activated video chat for direct messages on my server. Works great from mobile as well as desktop apps. It supports screen sharing and session recording as well.

Hello, do you know, how to add selfhosted Jitsi to synology chat (like embaded /jitsi)?
Hello, do you know, how to add selfhosted Jitsi to synology chat (like embaded /jitsi)?
Not even sure that is possible. I have to say that I am not on top of the Chat platform and its features, as I run Mattermost for personal needs (and Rocket Chat before that).
This is certainly possible, but I need to use an integration . I was thinking about mattermost, but it in the free version has no integration with Active Directory...

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