When is a Router Problem--NOT a Router Problem!

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When is a Router Problem--NOT a Router Problem!

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On MAY 2, the Ma & Pa ISP we used for years was bought --- and All Hell Broke loose....

Things have somewhat stabilized, and this is today's update...... Which is beter than past 13 days.... :

Cliff notes... IP same. Speed good for couple days then falter, then fix itself, then repeat. Watching Corr/Un-Corr errors in Modem, when speeds & Pings good, C/Un-C errors are few if any... Speeds/Pings falter, Both Errors build up fast. And when speeds return, Both errors stall again.... Suspect that something is being reset occasionally, which errors display and speed tests seems to confirm....

Once I was able to determine the cyclic nature of the operation, and time the Corr/Uncorr error -- Counter Reset, in modem, to be during good speed test times, I was able to confirm that ERRORS in Modem tracked the lower speeds and higher pings, not high speeds and lower pings !!)...

Because of this, I started ping the server feeding me once every 45 seconds, and log the results (Because my IP has not changed), and the log of Ping to server has been 100% successful, even during these speed and error resets.... so _____??

My speeds are generally acceptable, Neighbor's texts about service have fallen. One with 200/20 service with problems being 'escalated'...

Wife will check CC for refund deposit Monday PM... in case it takes time to 'trickle down'.. Finally, we finally received the incorrect Statement where $107.04 was charged and deducted for a $49.43 service... Which, on 3rd phone call, resulted in 2 separate software bugs in their billing software.. and the CC Refund (Because Finance Dept does not want to use the Check Deposit route they use for Withdrawals in case a further bug exists).

Zito Media is the New ISP name....
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Issues continued fromMay 4th, when new Zito hardware was installed after they bought CMC, until 6-27-2022.

Have I mentioned that prior ISP was pretty much flawless on same cables for 5+ years???

It would work one day and be bad the next.
Multiple calls to Zito. Multiple visits, 3, here until all connectors CMC added replaced by Zito folks, and ‘guarantees’ that would be well, that lasted for about one day, when it died, yet again.
I discovered that their server feeding my modem was having packet loss 12 hours after the ISP support folks ‘reset’ something. 12-20 hours later, system grinds to a halt, with multiple Correctable and uncorrectable errors seen in Status Page! PingPlotter tests during issue while Zito reset proved it was packet loss from their server, and I kept indicating that, and that fell on deaf ears. All the time pings to server feeding modem were bad, pings to modem were good!

What followed for 2 months was me Daily emailing the 2 Zito support email addresses with multiple attachments showing Modem event, modem status, and PingPlotter captures showing packet loss from their server feeding my modem.
Eventually Zito responded requesting I no longer send emails with attachments to them!
I replied I’d stop when problem was solved.
I received a text message indicating that a “Trouble ticket” on the server feeding me was issued.
I went overseas 6-22, and emailed Zito from Chicago where nothing worked, again, indicating so, and they could try anything they wanted for a month. Unable to connect with NAS’s or Router, and therefore, cameras through NAS’s.

They reset modem 6-27-2022. I know because I now see it in the Events log of modem! I was in Norway at time. Suddenly I could get to system(s)!!!! 2 days later in Shetland Islands, then Scotland it still worked! Then Ireland(s), Wales, London, Chicago, and Kentucky on way home!
It has been solid ever since 6-27-2022. Printouts of modem status, events, hardware & Firmware versions and dates are identical. Compared to modem prior to my going overseas! (according to printouts I have).. So, whatever the issue was, it WASN’T at my end!!

Things are still fine! NO PACKET LOSS!

Multiple emails and replies to the text sent to me: Asking what was done to fix system, including one phone call was not responded to.

(Shakes his head slowely!)

Oh yeah! The ‘refund’! Support Folks kept applying for it, and Accounting kept removing it! I finally got my refund as multiple monthly credits, until it was exhausted! (Still more shaking of head!)
It would be very interesting if we can know what was the issue. It took them so long despite you bombarding them with daily emails on both accounts. Someone must’ve been contemplating suicide and decided to try to fix it.

Now don’t leave us with this cliffhanger, we (I) want to know what was the problem.
I’ll wait for season 2. Hopefully soon. Keep sending them emails and attachments 🙂

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