when specifying a command line disk location

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when specifying a command line disk location

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Experimenting with ftp on camera and the folder I want as target is: cameras/CT-CAM-16MM
I know I need to specify volume 1 within the ftp settings, but haven't got the correct info specified yet....
Is it:
volume1/cameras/CT-CAM-16MM or, volume_1\cameras\CT-CAM-16MM or something else? These don't work....

Thanks in advance
In Unix file paths will be interpreted as relative to whatever the current working directory is unless you start the path prefixing with the top-level directory '/'. This will work from anywhere in the file system:

/volume1/<shared folder name>/<folder>/<file.extn>​

This only works if you are currently in the top-level directory:

volume1/<shared folder name>/<folder>/<file.extn>​

If your current working directory is /volume2 then this will also work ( .. is the directory above the one I'm in):

../volume1/<shared folder name>/<folder>/<file.extn>​

Using / for directories in most OS, whereas Windows opted for \. I would think it's /.

As for FTP service, there will be a root directory defined for this service and on some deployments this can mean you cannot traverse the whole file system. I don't use FTP with my NAS so don't know what DSM defines as the accessible file system.

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