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when your RAID degrade with BTRFS in Syno NASes

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when your RAID degrade with BTRFS in Syno NASes

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jeyare submitted a new resource:

when your RAID degrade with BTRFS in Syno NASes - Concern and solution for degraded RAID with BTRFS

One of my concern was about - What would happen when my RAID contains BTRFS will degrade?

I found in official BTRFS Wiki these recommendations:
RAID1 volumes - if they become degraded may only be mounted read-write once with the options -o degraded,rw.
This does not happen (reportedly) when there are more than 2 devices.
This is often due to the "Incomplete chunk conversion" issue, where there are single...

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Thx gents from Syno, for such useful solution

While much of this goes beyond my comprehension, I have weak faith in Synology programming to offer improved solutions. Their "good enough" approach to software development speaks loudly to me. I hope your optimism is well-placed, for all of our sakes.
There is a decent write up here with regards to Synology and testing of degraded RAID.
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thx @scoobs for the valuable link
seems to be - Dalton is another "schizophrenic" soul with scientific approach
the author was contacted to join us

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