Question Where are the OneDrive files?

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Question Where are the OneDrive files?

So I set up a new Windows 10 PC and enable OneDrive to backup Desktop, Documents, and Photos to the users OneDriver folder (came with new office) everything was working as expected. Then I installed Synology Active backup and connected it to the NAS and backed up without an issue, two backups just in case. Then accessed I the Active Backup Portal to check to make sure the files I wanted were backed up. It appears the C: drive is backed up but I can not find the Desktop, Documents, and Photos folders and files. I know that Windows 10 moves them to a OneDrive folder in the user's folder and can see that on the PC but it seems that folder is not backing up to Active backup. I have done searches of Active backup for folder and file names that are in the Documents folder on the PC but they don't' seem to be in the Active backup. I do see one folder in Active Backup called OneDriveTemp but it is not what I am looking for.

Will Active backup skip the OneDrive files?

I could turn off the OneDrive backup feature but I really would like to have both backups.

It feels like I am missing something here and most likely it is my lack of inexperience with Active Backup, so any insight would be appreciated.
So, follow your description:
- you are owner of Synology NAS
- you have Win10 based PC
- you don't need backup whole machine, just selected folders. Y/N?
If Yes:
- the you can install Synology Drive 2.0 and your problem is solved in better way than you can imagine
- then you can Backup the Drive by Synology Hyper Backup package and you have also backup of the selected Folders.
- then you can forget and disable OneDrive
- you are owner (my client) of Synology NAS. --YES
- you have Win10 based PC. --YES
- you don't need backup whole machine, just selected folders. No

I would like to use ActiveBackup to backup the entire PC. This client has requirements that they have to use OneDrive. Very small office but they want and know how to use OneDrive for a cloud backup. But that should not stop me from using Active Backup but I just can't figure out if it is skipping the OneDrive folder for some reason?

Thank you for your input and you are right, I can see how all of that would help but right now I am trying to understand Active Backup and how it backs up a PC and how data can restored. to do just that in a given environment. So right now I can't forget about OneDrive in this environment. But I have other client locations where I will do just as you suggest.
to be sure, for Active Backup Business, you need BTRFS filesystem in target volume (shared folder). It is mandatory requirement, otherwise you can’t setup a task in client’s (PC) side.
This is another candidate to Synology SW list of improvements - check during the package installation (you don’t have btrfs in your NAS), easy and useful feature.

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