Where did remove a specific notification go in 7.2 ??

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Where did remove a specific notification go in 7.2 ??

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I’m wanting to remove a notification from email. Used to be notifications /Advanced
In 7.2 I see the ‘rule’ in notifications but no way to disable it from reporting as in prior versions.
Not implemented yet—or moved?

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Thank you, Gerard. Done

And more info: edit the Default Email & push list, not create a new rule

(Had to temporarily turn off an emailed error message until SFS Tasks and Connections were flawless...)

(Shared folder Sync's across many NAS's, such that Multiple folders are all updated (So 13 Security camera folders, and 3x SS folders per NAS are all idenical) can get quite Involved,: getting the Tasks and Connections set correct!)
Especially when one folder has 13 timed script files running on it nightly, to keep (Camera Pics ages and folder size) under control! This was the one thing I was most concerned about on 7.2 vs. 7.1..... And during the time only one NAS was on 7.2, And it ALL worked flawlessly!
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