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DS4l8play, DS202j, DS3623xs+, DSM 7.3.3-25847
In another thread I described an issue I'm having with a rclone mount. Presently rclone lives in /bin/rclone. I'm thinking that my issue might involve permissions related to rclone's location... so I'm thinking to move rclone within /volume1 (if that's nuts, tell me so).

But... I want it to be executable from wherever, so I'd like to locate it on a path that my Synology administrator group has rights to. Where might that be... or how I can set the path to /volume1/bin... for example.

Yes I'm waaaay rusty on all this stuff (no offense to Rusty).

Normal place in *ix would be /usr/local/bin which allows users to add their own executables and other types of file.

But if /bin is in the DSM partition (is it?) then wouldn't that be susceptible to being overwritten during an update? A thought.

So placing under a NAS volume location would probably be better. Even could create a new shared folder that has restricted access. I'd still go in via SSH and set file permissions, or at least check them.
rclone natively installed to /usr/bin, so I moved it to /volume1/homes/user1/bin and ran from there. So it did run, but it did not solve my rclone move/copy issue within File Station.

Maybe if I run my rclone script as sudo all will be well. IDK... just guessing around.

Thanks for your reply.

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