NAS Compares Which NAS Brand to Buy in 2020 – A COMPLETE Comparison

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NAS Compares Which NAS Brand to Buy in 2020 – A COMPLETE Comparison

A Guide to NAS Brands in 2020 to Buy

Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers are fast becoming an essential piece of kit on the home. Everyone wants to have their own special piece of cloud storage, be it 3rd party cloud providers like Google Drive, Amazon S3 or DropBox, or their own private cloud in the form of a NAS Server at home. The appeal of being access all of your data from anywhere in the world, to back up all of your portable devices at the touch of a button and the ability to watch your entire movie collection from the comfort of your sun lounger is pretty tempting.

Then you can get a little more technical with stuff like iSCSI, Virtual Machines and SnapShots and you can have some serious yet productive fun with your NAS Server. However, with so many different NAS devices available from so many companies, you can spend days looking at them all and still be no closer to choosing the right NAS server to buy. So today we will discuss the main NAS providers and their advantages and disadvantages. By the end of this blog post, you should have a much better understanding about the difference between a Synology NAS and QNAP NAS, which is better for business between a Drobo and a Netgear and should you pick a Thecus over an Asustor.

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Mark, Mark ... again and again and again no-useful and no-helpful recommendations for NAS newbies, e.g.:

CONS of Synology NAS:

1. Often the most expensive

- how you can measure your frequent "most expensive" proverb?
- e.g. Synology DS1819+ (incl 8G RAM upgr) vs QNAP TVS-872N-i3-8G ... where price of QNAP is almost 2x higher?
for same power and similar components? Really? Maybe Qnap is still paying more for such reviews?

2. Generally, Synology NAS has the lowest hardware power
- for what kind of usage - for mp3 streaming or for heavy K-means clustering neural network?

3. More technically minded folk will need to dig a little to get to the nitty-gritty
- is this review for newbies or for CLI experts? Then why do you need explain such - What is NAS Drive? Access your Multimedia on Network devices over DLNA, ...
- you need definitely choice who is your target group. Then you need prepare such evaluation.

4. May feel limited for those looking to evolve their storage
- did you mean forgotten (hidden) Syno Expansion units? Nice example of bullsh.ting your readers.

5. Network ONLY – no HDMI, Audio in/out, Thunderbolt, etc
.... yeap NAS is Network Attached Storage primary. Also car normally can't swim.
- then Audio is missing for what part of NAS market? 90%, 50%, 2%?? Do you have a research? Worldwide? Or this is also one of your pearls?
- HDMI - same as for the Audio :)
- Thunderbolt - is it NAS standards for each other competitors?

DS418play, DS213j, DS3621+, DSM 7.0.4-11091
Mark, Mark ... again and again and again no-useful and no-helpful recommendations for NAS newbies, e.g.:
These are basically ads (to the author's site, or to 3rd-party referral sites) disguised as insight. It will seldom get deep.

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