Which NAS for surveillance system?

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Which NAS for surveillance system?

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I want set up a home surveillance system. I think I will use 3-4 4k cameras. I want to dedicated a Synology NAS to this task. Does anyone have a suggestion for a reasonably priced NAS? Also, how long would 2-8GB drives with no duplicate writing last?

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For 2-3 years, I’m using a 718+ with V6, Ram expansion, 2x Ironwolf 7200 in SHR, and I’m doing 3x 1920x1080/30fps motion detect videos to separate folders, 12x cameras ftp: 1920x1080 motion detect pictures to 12 separate folders, and supports DS CAM & DS FILE Access, at that resolution, and shows no sign of running out of CPU or RAM.
But I would be interested in learning how you will be able to observe 3-4 4K live streams. I only get 100DN/10UP from my ISP. With that and H264, I have seen 2x live cams from overseas, and 3x from West coast hotels/motels, but had to decrease quality a bit to go from 2 to 3 cameras and get close to reliable motion seen at a hotel on west coast at that resolution.
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Hi Jan,

Thanks for the information. I had not thought about reviewing from offsite. I should probably consider that. I have been focused on reviewing locally to see who stopped by after the fact. Our internet connection is 1.4 Gbps down, and 50 Mbps up. Any thoughts on how many 4k feeds that will support? In the house have a Gigabit ethernet throughout and a Wifi 6 network for laptops and mobile devices.

For a NAS I am thinking about using a DS220+ since it showed as a recommended system in the Synology Surveillance for 3 or 4 4k cameras. I already have a DS918+ for file serving and backup, so the DS220+ would only used for surveillance.
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Have no background with 4K security cams, but have done some 4K video editing, and the increased bandwidth needed for 4K over 2K in video editing gave pause on using 4K Cameras on a network connection!
You might have high bandwidth at home, but when out and about you probably might not get such beautiful bandwidth at hotels….
Using two streams might be an answer 2K (or Less) for external use, 4K for internal use, but that increases loads & complexity, needing greater power.
My cameras are 3K sensors that NR & Down convert to 2K for distribution.
My first NAS was a 215J, and (though cost effective at the time) I found out later that I had not bought a powerful enough NAS. Especially so if it is your first NAS: Buy the most powerful NAS with speediest drives and stuff it with Memory Upgrade now --- Get the most power that you can afford. Headroom now will be worthwhile later! There is no cost effective solution for high bandwidth uses.

EDIT: Didn't know you had an existing + Series.... Why don't you just use your 918+ ??

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