Which NAS should i buy?

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Which NAS should i buy?

  1. RT6600ax
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Hi everyone,

Which Syno NAS you suggest me to buy for a company with following details
1. Number of computers: 15-22
2. Three HPE Servers
3. One Hikvision NVR
4. One gbit internet connection (Fiber)
5. Budget for NAS server up to $900
6. Syno NAS server can be rack or tower

Never used NAS server before, but we think we should get one.

Please give me suggest which version should we get.

Thanks in advance.
I just ordered an Synology DiskStation DS920+
Well done

Can you please recommend 10TB (or 12TB) drive models?
It depends on your budget and needs. If you are going for pure home usage it would be one type, if you are looking to use it for more professional tasks, then some higher models might come in question.

Can you please recommend SSD models (Two 1TB) for cache?
Same as before. Generally, stick to the supported brands on their site. Also, look on the forum, there are some people who recently got some models, so you can read about their thoughts on it.

s RAID 1 good option for Two 10TB/12TB drives?
If you think you need it, use it. There is nothing wrong with raid1 as long as you know what it brings...

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