Whoogle – The Self-Hosted Google Alternative

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Whoogle – The Self-Hosted Google Alternative

So you love the ease of use and results of Google search but hate everything else that comes with it? Well, I’ve got a solution for you!

Easily install Whoogle on your Synology NAS or even FreeNAS or Unraid. Whoogle can be installed anywhere you want with Docker! It looks and works great on mobile devices too!

Change from light to dark mode with a click of a button.


Get Google search results, but without any ads, javascript, AMP links, cookies, or IP address tracking. Easily deployable in one click as a Docker app, and customizable with a single config file. Quick and simple to implement as a primary search engine replacement on both desktop and mobile.

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Looks interesting. Spun up the 'benbusby/whoogle-search' image and just changed port from auto/5000 to 8888/5000.

Configuration from the search home page is light: tried dark mode and switched back, then change the root URL to 'something more useful:8888'.

I notice that some of the search specifics revert back to google.com links (video on the shopping tab for instance). But still a very intriguing project.

Think I'll leave this as a private service on the NAS for now, and then maybe open it up but add user authentication to access it. Could be a candidate for VPN Plus' WebVPN 'reverse proxy'.

@Geeked have a few 🍪🍪 for the tip.

Oh, just watched yr video ... I selected the same image.
@Shadow check here
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It uses Google but strips out the cruft. As such Google still knows the Internet IP of the Whoogle service but all the client tracking will be missing. Think of it as a search proxy.
this sounds very interesting (in fact, I was always think about using NAS to build my own Internet world :).
But just a trivial questions:
- Does it need to setup a new Docker?
- Does it index or how does it cache the results ( locally for myself?), w.r.t. storage space.
Has anyone been having trouble with Whoogle spontaneously shutting down lately (during the past week)?
I am getting this repeatedly: "Docker container Whoogle stopped unexpectedly. Please select Whoogle on the Container page, click the Details button, and go to the Log tab for details." The log tab unfortunately doesn't have any details. Running Whoogle Search v0.6.0. DSM7, Docker up to date.
If running Adguard Home... there's no advantage to Whoogle? Even DuckDuckGo solves this problem?
AdGuard Home for sure won't block the tracking cookies for example.

And DuckDuckGo is a nice alternative, but sometimes I have to fall back to Google when I'm unable to find what I'm looking for.

I'm going to give this container a shot and probaly hook it up on one of my NordVPN containers.

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