Why does NC store a Diskstation backup both in the cloud and locally?

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Why does NC store a Diskstation backup both in the cloud and locally?

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Hello all,
I'm biting my teeth right now and can't find a solution. My NC fills my system disk to the standing collar.

OK, more specifically:
PC Windows 10 Pro, multiple SSD-HD among others 256 GB system, which has always been about 60% full.
I have a Diskstation DS211 with current DSM and there via Hyper Backup, since CloudSync does not work; the credentials are not accepted at WebDAV, div. synchronizations on NextCloud (current version) set up.

Local folders of the DS are to be backed up to NextCloud. URL, user and passport is specified as destination. Connection is established as it looks. Now when I sync something, it ends up both on NextCloud (in Internet, Hetzner root server) and on my system disk in NC folder.

Several questions:

How can I get NC out of the habit of storing Diskstation data both locally and on NC in Internet?
In the NC app installed on the Windows 10 PC, how/where can I move the NC directory to another hard drive so that my system disk is not cluttered. Surely this can be done on Dropbox and others?
I appreciate any tips, if I have forgotten or overlooked something, please tell me.

Many greetings

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