Why doesn't my entire Bitwarden vault export?

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Why doesn't my entire Bitwarden vault export?

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I'm trying to export my bitwarden vault to .csv. I want to take the file and store it on a usb drive and store the drive in a fireproof safe as an off-network backup in case bitwarden gets hosed. I can get it to export, but it is not exporting the entire vault. It seems to have something to do with which device each login was created with, but its been a while since I created them so I can't be sure of that. I can see all the logins on all my devices, but it only exports about 1/3 of them. Any ideas?
you can Export already signed user Vault only - there isn't central admin module for each users export.

Another useful solution and fully automated:
make a backup of your BW container (best solution is a single way rsync to another target), then there is more important file db.sqlite3
you can reuse it with a new BW container in case of container reconstruction issues
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I have a bunch of logins shared between myself and my wife; we can both access them no matter which user is logged in. I created the majority of them, but I am not able to export them all. I'm not really sure what the common factor is in those that do export, as they seem rather random.

I could /will backup BW container, but I wanted something that wasn't stuck behind BW in the event my whole system went down and it was going to take a while to rebuild. If I have a thumbdrive in my safe with a .csv file that can be read with excel, at least I'd be able to get into my accounts while rebuilding the network.
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going to take a while to rebuild
It will not take a long time to rebuild though. As it was already suggested, backup the container volume there the DB lives and you can connect it to any other BW instance you can spin up. If you want the unsecured CSV way then as King said, export each account.
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It will not take a long time to rebuild though.
it might not take a long time for you guys, but you must've forgotten who you're talking to here :ROFLMAO:.

I have a very sturdy safe that almost broke the basement stairs when it got installed. Not worried about it walking off at all. Honestly, part of my concern is that as I'm fumbling around setting stuff up I'll somehow break my network and then won't be able to login to my NAS because I can't get into BW. I'll go through and export all users and all devices and see if that leads to getting all the logins.

I had assumed that I should be able to export shared logins even if I wasn't the user that created them. Is that not the case?
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