Why not to upgrade to DSM7

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Why not to upgrade to DSM7

Thank you for your contribution, and not just by paying but by making smart decisions like getting a Synology instead of Drobo ;).
I actually told my almost-ex-friend to get a Synology DS1520+ to begin with, but he said "Well, you're not using your Drobo anymore...send it to me."

I didn't tell him that the reason I wasn't using the Drobo was it was so slow and ran so hot (*and* required a computer to be turned on for Plex or ANYTHING). He ignored my advice on the Synology. Let him find out on his own. Heh!

Also, I have an APC power supply that shows how long it can run if the power goes out. When I had the iMac and Drobo and WiFi (eero) hooked up it said 110 minutes. When I unplugged the Drobo and the only other change I made was adding the DS1520+? The number skyrocketed to 200 minutes! That tells you how much more energy the Drobo used than the Synology! He'll find THAT out too! 😈

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