why router IP couldn't open

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why router IP couldn't open

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I have a Synology router. I wanted to login to router admin control page. To log in to that page, an IP address is required and I entered as default IP. But it couldn't connect at that time. At the time of router set up, it connected with this IP but this time the problem with IP is happened. What should I do now?


if no success, send here a screenshot of your Win Eth(or WiFi) Adapter Status:
1. Open Network connections
2. Change adapter options
3. Select Ethernet, then Right click, select Status
4. Select Details, then make a screenshot

Second way:
open CLI and run
Copy result to clipboard and paste it here


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Are you sure it's a Synology router: Synology Community... why my phone couldn't access router

You can try a network scan app and identify what's on the network. Or from the Windows CMD.EXE (hit the Windows key and type cmd to find it) you can try various commands:

ipconfig /all
(same as @jeyare but with a <space>: works both ways) To list out the network settings of each interface and for your particular interface look for 'Default Gateway' which should be the router's IP.

route print
To print out the routing table. The entry with destination of and mask of will should the default route (i.e. where all the external traffic is sent) and should be your router's IP.

arp -a
Will give a list of the known MAC addresses and current IP assignment for devices on the LAN.

For Android you can try an app such as Fing and Network Analyzer.

For SRM you have to add the port number to the HTTPS URL as it doesn't listen on port 443. For Linksys: I don't know.

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